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Career Coaching


careerPlanning a career and taking a proactive approach in terms of where you want to work and how you want to progress in your work life is so important because what we focus on we tend to get.


Imagine the opposite, get a job and see what happens. You drift along like a piece of wood in the sea, and the waves are other people and influences directing and pushing your career.


A proactive approach to your career can make a huge difference and the best place to start is to work with a coach who will assess where you are, find out where you would like to go and work with you to move you towards those goals.


If you are unsure what you want then the process the coach takes you through will first address your interests, all the possibilities open to you and give you options to what direction to take.


The feeling of being in control of where you are going, holding yourself accountable to someone else and making strides towards your outcomes can be achieved by working with one of our coaches.


All our coaches have many years of coaching individuals in their careers, conducting interview and selection processes and helping clients move to new companies. One of our coaches has many years experience of recruitment and head hunting to complement their coaching skills.

Take action to move you along with your career by calling 020 8224 3649 or email info@nrhcoaching.com